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Submitted by Paul Macdonald on
I work with about 150 farmers who are based on the shores of lake Victoria. We have supplied them with certified seeds and fertilizers for one acre, mainly maize. More importantly, we provide advise and support from local people. The results for most are impressive. Our operation demonstrates that with the correct inputs and support that farmers can find a way out of absolute poverty. This operation costs around €60 per farmer. I also think you need to run it for a minimum of three years. I am not sure if we are doing everything right but if the thousand of local farmers could obtain simple and inexpensive supplies then Kenya's agricultural output could be transformed. Moreover, there are enough local people who could be trained up as advisers and who could earn a reasonable living from the farmers. The trainers could be supported in the first couple of years but the cost of this support would be less than €2,000 per annum. The Millennium Village at Bas Sauri is probably a better example of what can be achived.