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Submitted by Dennis Mutuku on
The essay sites a common excuse for non performance by non performers in Africa - 'we have no money/computers/cars/offices' In Kenya through the World Bank the Govt adopted the 100 day Rapid Results Initiatives (RRI) where large scale projects were broken down into small scale results producing efforts that act as building blocks towards achievement of a longer term objective. Using RRI, this common excuse has no bearing as teams are challenged by their leadership to deliver tangible results based on their current capacity and using existing resources. The 100 day time frame coupled with rigorous M&E leaves no room for inertia and teams quickly move into action which unleashes hidden potential and practically demonstrates to the participants what they can achieve if they set their minds to it. This experiential learning in my view is what catalyzes behavior & attitudinal change and shapes success for the reform effort. As the author rightly notes, nothing succeeds like success. The initial results achieved from the RRI Pilot phase were so Transformational that more government departments felt encouraged to try out the methodology. The ripple effect from these initiatives coupled with a number of structural changes have organically manifested a silent but steady transformation of the Kenyan public service into a more focused and results oriented service