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Submitted by Patrick Mwendwa on
It is imperative to understand that infrastructure such as better roads carry a profound role towerds reducing poverty. In fact, most developed nations embrace the ideal of better road networks towards improving the quality of life. Lack of an articulate road network leads to inefficiency as to how goods are moved within a counntry. It should be noted that some of the greatest leaders that ever lived on the face of this earth could not have emphasized the importance of a trade routes i.e. Genghis Khan opened up 1/3 of this world by cutting trade routes from Asia to Europe. Therefore, if one is to take the stand that roads do not reduce poverty, they need to look and learn from great leaders such as Genghis Khan who understood the great benefits that came along with trade routes that acted as roads and highways back then. Otherwise, I would be left to question whether one qualifies to be a leader when they don't have this basic understanding in their interest. Patrick M Native African (Kenyan)