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Submitted by John Chiwuzulum Odozi on
the phrase "poverty is falling and falling rapidly in Africa" defines the progression of poverty over time in terms of the number of poor people and the percentage of those that are poor. Does the phrase sound right? Martin Ravallion and Maxim Pinkovisky seem to agree that the percentage of poor people(poverty rate) has been declining since the mid 1990s and also agree that the decline has not been sufficient enough to reduce the number of poor people in Sub-Saharan africa because of population growth. In essence given population growth, poverty in terms of number since the mid 1990s can be said to have remained stagnant. However, both seem to disaggree in terms of methods used in reaching their conclusion. this a major headache in Economics. And the solution in my opinion is to be honest enough to declose limitations and to conclude with caution. second it is important to back up analysis with specific country case studies.