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Submitted by Hudson Lucky Masheti on
South Africans new energy strategic initiative is sound, for it is not just lumps of coal, but minuscule contribution to green house gas emissions and a boost to development, in the concept of poverty reduction through job creation ventures. As in the case of my country (Kenya); the government of Kenya commissioned a feasibility study on the establishment of a 300 MW coal power plant in Mombasa. The plant will require 0.9 to 1.1 million tones of coal per year, all of which will have to be landed at the Mombasa port and transported to the power station. This is not the only energy sector project, others are; geothermal development, hydro power development, renewable energy, solar electricity generators, wind power generation, bio-fuel production, development of A300 – 1,000 Nuclear power plant and exploration of hydro carbons and petroleum. In my country (Kenya), commercial energy is dominated by petroleum and electricity as the prime movers of the modern sector of the economy, while wood fuel provides energy needs of the traditional sector, including rural communities and the urban poor. By now we have rural electrification programme ongoing all over the country. Based on my country’s case study, I want South Africans to go for the additional electricity for the next (40) forty years. Hudson Lucky Masheti Kenya (East Africa)