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Submitted by Tangutenet on
hey, I just read all the post in this blog as I was searching for ideas for my college-end-of-term paper and I wanted to reply this. there is no way that Africa will "develop and catch up with the rest of the world". I am NOT saying Africa won't develop. it will! it definitely will! but developing and catching up with the rest of the world are two completely unfamiliar terms. development is not a standard we can use to compare countries' advancement. in fact, it is a subjective term. the way how the world sees Africa is painful because they compare or expect us to be similar to them and that is totally stupid because Africa will never be the same as any part of the world in any sense. (do you know what I mean?) yes Africa will develop but how is it possible to compare that development? Africa is so unique from any part of the world in terms of nature, society, culture, language....and many more reasons and the progress we could bring are determined by these uniqueness. and I think the problem with the MDGs is that it tries to serve as a single key for 'African' development by denying all the differences which to me seems vague.