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Submitted by Perry Yenika on

Africa and the millennium development goal; Population
Most African countries still do not have a credible population data base up-till date. Some critics will dispute this fact, but honest authorities will agree with me that the population of most African countries is not very representative of its actual population size. To me, this remains a very important aspect that has to be addressed by governing authorities. The governments of Africa should put in place a population model for tracking citizens and residents which will yield long term benefits. It is obvious from this fact that most citizens and residents are not contributing towards wealth formation or having their own fair share of the nation's wealth considering there is no solid mechanism in place to track all those living within the perimeters of the nation. Occasionally huge budgets are at times invested on population census but the results are not always credible because of inadequate infrastructure and human capital deficiencies. These same countries have been investing hugely to educate their bright and brightest in other countries but unfortunately there is no incentive to return and give back to their countries which can go a long not only to help build but also to spur growth. African countries should review, revisit their population structure and its composites; an in-depth analyses done and the last person counted, if not redistribution of the nations’ wealth will be a fallacy and they will continue to build the nation on false premises. If the issue of population is addressed, health, agriculture, educational and various infrastructural needs can easily be developed in a balanced way to reflect the actual needs the entire nation which will on the long run put the continent on a more solid developmental foundation.