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Submitted by Dessalegn M. Ketema on
First of all I appreciate what you have made an important analysis on MDGs in Africa. In my opinion, the eight (8) MDGs are context specific in nature which might be difficult to generalize, let alone for Africa it is hard to conclude for sub regions. On the other hand, when we see each MDGs, they do have their own specific characteristics. One can be achieved within the capacity and capability of the specific countries (like Combating HIV/AIDS and Malaria). Others need a global and/or regional partnership to be achieved (like ensuring environmental sustainability and developing global partnership for Development). Some countries, may achieve (at least 70%) of some of MDGs like Achieving universal primary education. But, I am not sure Africa can achieve all MDGs within this Time frame (2015) Do not forget we are on 2010, we have left with only 5 years. Even some report suggested that MDGs are not achievable within the time frame it was projected. Conversely, I strongly agree that Africa will achieve MDGs sooner or later if and only if it makes strong regional partnership in trade, environmental sustainability and governance and very importantly with the genuine political will of Developed countries. Dessalegn