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Shanta! I do not need to agree or disagree with your assessment of the MDGs and the 2015 deadline. Having conducted a thorough research for my Masters Dissertation at the Millennium Village Project in Bar-Sauri in Kenya, it came to my attention that the UN and the MDGs Team are either getting wrong information from the ground, or are INTENTIONALLY hoodwinking the International community so that they continue to get the funds flowing from the pockets of the likes of Bono. This places the credibility of the UN Millennium Reports in jeopardy. I suggest that you get hold of my Report and see the FACTS from the ground. What is Definitely clear, however, is that Africa in general and Kenya, in particular, will have to shift goalposts come 2015! By the way, we're only four years behind the date... That should be no CONSOLATION given the facts on the ground!