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Submitted by Douglas on
With the fact that many African countries'economies are reliant on agriculture, a focus on development in agriculture, agricultural systems, value addition, processing factories and infrastructure will ensure that these countries economies continue looking upward. On the other hand Africa has more than adequate resources to ensure it is self reliant-Solar, Fertile soil, friendly climate, Fuel and mineral deposits... A focus on regional infrastructural upgrading and more development, microfinancing of small and micro enterprises through the use accessible micro-enterprise mechanization and affordable microcredit is likely to pay off bigtime. Forgetting the fact that many leaders and civil service might notbe in a position to account for time services and resources to them, I believe Africa has some resilience and determination that things can be made better and life can always be improve, with a little more effort. I might not have the figures nor the numbers at the fingertips, but having grown up as the son of a peasant farmer who has witnessed the need for concerted efforts even in small holder farms, I have the belief that this can surely bea reality