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Submitted by ToiletJusticeforAll on
MALUSH SAID: "This is a very poor analogy. However the cost of building and maintaining an effective toilet and sewage system is substantially much higher than maintaining a cell phone." Fortunately this is not the case, unfortunately it is the common belief. Toilets do not need to be connected to a sewer to be effective. An ecologically sound and socially just toilet costs around USD$30 to build. This consists of the sanitization pit, and the pan. The superstructure can be a bit more, but can be built by the homeowner. Further according to DfiD "Investment in drinking-water and sanitation would result in 272 million more school attendance days a year. The value of deaths averted, based on discounted future earnings, would amount to US$ 3.6 billion a year". The ADB shows that for every $1 invested in sanitation you get between $3-$34 back (I know that is a huge range, but it is allowing for all possible levels of implementation). The toilet also produces night soil which is already used in many countries as fertilizer, and can be sold. When you add all of this up it is clear that toilets can provide as many economic opportunities as a cell phone. Beyond this cell phones require airtime to be of use, which can be quite costly when added up over a year. Toilets require minimum maintenance, most of which is free. Besides, its pretty hard to make a phone call when you are dying from cholera.