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Submitted by Wambui on
Thanks for providing the data and for the analysis. However, this data is Africa specific and not region specific. Africa is a huge continent with diverse resources, capacities and capabilities. Personally, I find this generalization of Africa ambiguous. It’s really positive that there are more cell phones because information is power and people in whatever country in Africa need information to find their own long lasting solutions. There has been several International NGO’s, local NGO’s among others working within African countries on specific developmental issues for quite a substantial amount of time, but the situation seems to remain static. We get to the see the same developmental problems being brought up now and then and in most instances the situation deteriorates or there is a slight margin of growth. I reckon majority of the people would be interested to hear what have been the challenges in having clean accessible toilets to date with all the intervention of NGO’s and the government vs people embracing technology swiftly.