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Submitted by Frank Awani on
I believe that the phenomenon of Quiet Corruption in Africa is a double edged sword because Africans generally, maybe Nigerians especially believe that they have to pay before they get anything. Paying for services, bribing the police and even paying huge sums for visas and travel arrangements. If your family member gets into an elected post, nobody will ask him how much is his official salary, but everybody will expect him to become a millionare, if he or she doesn't become one, then he will be cursed and despised by his own people. So what are we talking about, how is this person expected to get rich if not through corruption. I am an association leader living in Europe and even here people are still willing to bribe hugely to get things done at the Nigerian embassies that are meant to serve them We should look internally for the causes of our problems. It's very easy to blame others. 1. As long as people feel that they have to bribe to have things done, then we can only get as far because people are inherently corrupt. 2. In Africa there are no consequences for actions or inactions, how many people have been convicted for corruption in Africa. I think that huge campaings telling people that they don't have to bribe before they recieve services is important. Also people should be told that they should challenge people that refuse to do their jobs or ask for bribe. Furthermore, corrupt people, both those on the giving and recieving ends should be made to realise that they are commiting a criminal act and could be liable to improsonment and or fines. As long as the African phsych is tendentially corrupt, all the well planned or aimed accronyms and projects will only meet with failure. Corrution seems to be inhenrent in our social and cultural fabric. The earlier we realise and get rid of it, the earlier things will be better for us.