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Submitted by leonardo on
I am demanding to myself how possible to not have corruption in Africa, where the salaries reach, when lucky, 100 Euro per month. And I mean salaries paid in Nigeria where I have spent many years, where houses' rentals are so expensive that plenty people prefer to live into aluminium sheet baracks. In such a situation, how possible to avoid corruption, prostitution? I am a white man and I am talking about Western companies that before others act in this unusual way in Africa, because whether acted in their Countries they will go jail. All this, when at least you have a job, because when you don't have any job, when for months and perhaps years you are jobless, if you are a male, you practice at least robberies, if you are a female you exercise at least prostitution. At any level..... Many of my Company female workers, during the day, they work normally, during night exercise the oldest job of the world, prostitution. The policemen that brings at home at the end of each month the equivalent of 60, 70 euro, will prefere to not apply penalties or to close both eyes when there is any illegality. It's easy to say, in Africa there is corruption, if we don't deeply study the reasons of corruption. I think that colonialism never ended in Africa. The West before, and now China are frustrating that Continent and I don't see any change for the next or far future, because as I said really there is no goodwillness to solve that we say in my Country it's preferable to speak well and badly to scratch The corruption doesn't involve only the layman, on top of corruption there is the politician, the Authority. After that remains only the landslide.