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Submitted by George Amadi on
The noble act of making data available on silent corruption makes it compelling for me to commend the World Bank for a job well done. Over the years as journalist (NAN) and media consultant (UNECA) and Resource Person (AfDB), I have come to realise that, at least as far as Nigeria is concerned, the fight against corruption has not been easy because the accused almost always claim that they are being politically victimised! But with the benefit of the World Bank's data base made available free of charge to all stake-holders in the vanguard of fighting crime, it would be difficult for a perpetrator of corruption caught red-handed now, thanks to unassailable facts and figures, to go scot-free! The mood of young Nigerians, who are getting increasingly unhappy with silent corruption, will be one more notch upbeat now that they can access this data base! The Halliburton bribe scam is an eloquent testimony that a more liberal data bank service will help a great deal towards bringing corrupt public official in Africa to book! In no distant future, this singular action taken by the World Bank, in its bid to rid Africa of its endemic silent corruption, will receive kudos from those who wish our developing continent well. In my view, this data base sends a resoundingly loud message to Africans that the days, when silent corruption was tolerated, are indeed, over! George Amadi, MD, George Amadi Media Consultants (Lagos, Nigeria)