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Submitted by ivo njosa on
Perhaps it is unfair to suggest that only Africans can arrest the widespread corruption in their countries but it would more and more to be the reality. Not long ago, Obama responded to critics of his approach to solving the Israel/Arab conflict by stating something that could be paraphrased as that the US cannot want it more than the Arab and Israelis themselves. Lately we keep hearing the issue of accountability and governance but unfortunately, it is all from the donor’s side. Until African presidents and leaders start to echo these same comments/remarks ---with corresponding accountability measures on the ground---, I do not foresee any changes in the near future. The donors probably mean well but unfortunately shy away from tackling the issue at the root cause. Being accountable to almost no-one and enjoying the benefits that come with it is too good for these leaders to want to pass up voluntarily. We need to understand this last statement profoundly before we can tackle the root causes of poor service delivery and under-development. Many of us in the developing business have fairly confortable jobs/salaries and, except for our conscience, are not directly affected by developing country poverty. This game of continually appeasing governments and staying politically correct only helps to prolong the agony of our real clients, the poor. Seems so unfair.