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Submitted by Zé Alves-Pereira on
I do not think there is a model able to predict exact conclusions before 5 years time. By then it will not be a model... that goes for nowadays modelling. What I can say is that the Olympic Games did not really help the Greeks and the Euro 2004 did help the Portuguese. Nowadays, they are both PIIGS but the overall investment on this mega events reveals different realities. In Lisbon and Porto the new stadiums built for the Euro keep filling up whereas the Olympic city in Greece became a ghost town. One issue is that the budget was not respected and that creates additional problems. We will have to wait till the Final so see how many people come. It is also important that the new facilities created have a further purpose. There is another major issue for ZA – to prevent any disaster during the championship, particularly man made disasters. And that is an exogenous factor that is highly vulnerable. If it goes well –and I sincerely hope so- I'd say it will be very positive. If not for ZA in particular, it will be for Africa in general because football is not all about money and revenues. If Africa shows the World that they can organize –and I know they can- another fantastic World event – in the mid, long run that will be always positive; firstly, politically, afterwards economically. Long life to the Bafana Bafana and I hope the final will be against Portugal.