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Submitted by Salima Kane on
Both economists and poli Sci specialists should have mixed feelings. I will comment it as a Political scientist, first i was trained like one and secondly having been several times to South Africa. My answer to it is yes: World Cup will boost the South African economy but, truly through a smaller percentage. Tourists are not only coming to watch all soccers, but, will also visit other attractions. You see it is important to bear in mind that South Africa is politically stable, that is a great advantage and thanks to the hard work of Nelson Mandela and other people, the country does not have political unrest. I am a little bit skeptical though and truly concerned about security, though it has been beefed up in the preparation of the world cup, but, certain areas though attractive to tourists like Soweto where Mandiba himself has lived could be a little insecure sometimes. Let me back up to a little bit to the real question: Would the world Cup boost the economy? yes it will ; South Africans are smart and very eager to chance the image of their own country, by changing this image, it will also reflect on the entire continent. Remember vast amount of money has been injected into this world cup to beautify South Africa: constructions, infrastructure etc. Yes it will indeed boost the economy mostly from tourism: Hotels, attending games, and other attractions; but, only to a certain level . But, my question to the audience is WHO WILL TRULY BENEFIT FROM THE ECONOMIC BOOST? REGULAR SOUTH AFRICANS OR THE SHAKERS OR THE MAKERS OF MODERN SOUTH AFRICA? Salima Kane,