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Submitted by Ola Onikoyi on
Although economists may rationalise their proposition that the world cup woudn't bring enormous benefits to South Africa using various theories. I do think that sometimes there is awide disconnect between theories and reality. The fact is South Africa has already began to enjoy the micro economic dividends of the world cup hosting. We've seen in Soweto how Nike for example have established a football academy that will engage youths and help towards talent development including HIV mitigation. This laudable project is apart from the very fact that transportation and infrastructure has been improved markedly by the government. While I agree that a lot of small businesses have been hit, there is no doubt that a lot of small businesses have also been given the opportunity to cash in. I don't want to talk about FDI simply because, it may run negative through capital flight, but the short term injection of FDI will really play a tremedous role. Lets not forget that the roads have bene improved, more hotels have been built and more local amenities have been improved. I don't think this developments will dissapear anytime soon, even years after the world cup have been played...