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Submitted by Tizibt on
Hi Dear Shanta! Thank you for blogging on the issue. I wonder why the WB want to try to project itself as proponent of democracy and human right when its prime objective was to help Europe's destroyed economy back on its foot after WWII. When that was done, the WB turned its experiments on sustaining a money-production and loyal regime (loyal to the west) systems around the world. The question should be: if the WB believes Ethiopia has well managed the "Aid", we call it "AIDS" back home to refer to its eventual detrimental effect, it received over the past 20 years, why is it in need of more now? Did the WB aided its original subjects for such extended period? I think the answer is absolute no. You can argue with J 'differential diagnosis' of the countries in question but 20 years is the time Korea escaped from abject poverty to become one of the world leading economies. The reason we need democracy and freedom of speech and deed in Ethiopia is for two reasons: firstly, it is our inalienable right to have and secondly and practically they are the the essential elements for development of private entrepreneurship as it was amply demonstrated all over the world. Moreover, don't be duped with the idea that there are self-monitoring system in Ethiopia. The so called third party independent civil societies are extensions of the ruling party's political machineries. The real and honest once are now buried under the new Civil Society law. So brother, wake up! You know what happened in the Indian sub-continent in mid 20 century. If people say enough is enough no one can stop them. Speak your mind not the talking points. Anyways thank you.