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Ethiopia is reducing poverty, but at what cost. If I am not mistaken higher education isn't free anymore, and not only it is expensive the quality of state university degrees is getting a very bad reputation. In fact from primary all the way to secondary the quality is highly questionable. Secondary education from grade 7 is in English, while teachers can barely make a correct sentence themselves, tests are sometimes wrongly marked as I found out recently during my daughter's exam. As for the World Bank, let's be honest. Does the institution cares about the regime that strives in this country or anywhere else: of course not. The WB has it's own interest to defend, and development of our poor countries is not on top of your agenda as books such as Lords of poverty or Bad samaritans (rich nations, poor policies), have proved. For those who can the epitomy of a disastrous World Bank and IMF policy was best illustrated in a documentary called Life and Debt, made by Stephanie Black a few years back. It tells how Jamaica ended up owing 7 billion dollars to both institutions while only borrowing a few millions back in the early seventies.