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Protecting Basic Services was designed in an emergency situation with a clear objective : how to deliver WB aid to Ethiopia even if serious doubts were emerging from Meles policy and budget expenditures/reporting.... To avoid a major disruption in the budget support program and aid delivery to Ethiopia, PBS was created to deliver WB money "directly" to the 600 woreda-local districts to support what was supposed to be supported anyway by the budget support program. So let's be clear, the objective is to deliver money, not democracy. About accountability, I participated in many round table to follow the Budget support program, most of the indicators -at least in my sector- were not "trackable" or not linked at all with any expenditure -even the opposite sometimes. Any honnest person recognised that the mechanism in place to track development/policy progress was too combersome, impossible to verify, and not recorded properly even from the government official point of view. From one Budget support, PBS created 600 district budget supports to monitor.... HOW can you seriously say that it is an accountable program? IN YOUR dream and communication or you are seriously out of the Ethiopian reality...