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Submitted by The peasant on
To me development is a combination of good governance and socioeconomic improvements. In Ethiopian case the IMF,WB and other bigfish donor agencies report that the food security situations are improving and the economy is booming in Ethiopia while practically the number of food aid dependant population are ever increasing and more food insecured rural House holds produced. At the same time Good governance situtaion is getting the worst. I think WB and IMF are almost entirely involved in producing more dectatorial regime like the ethiopian government which tells the world that they won election 2010 by 96.4 %. where are the standard by which IMF and WB are evaluated and who is incharge of this task ? to me they endup like they are benefiting from the ever increasing construction boom and ever deterioration of social asset and the worst socio-economic problems. They let crises happen,cost life and displacment and comeup with restoration projects to sell the good and services of thier affiliates. let's the Rape in Congo, The constant annualpoverty in East Africa and the killings in Darfur. None of these problems were existing 40-60 years ago at to this extent. But have a bunch of Monitary and Aid organization who are entirely involved in after conflict and disaster task than mitingation and prevention duties.