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Submitted by Mesfin on
It is all about priorities and where we look these issues from. If we are speaking on behalf of the poor, i am sure that survival and progress becomes a higher priority ahead of democratic processes. many currently mature democracies have all passed through tough but delivering governance systems and we can't expect a swift turn around in Ethiopia. It is a process that comes with civilization, development of the middle calss and fulfilment of basic needs. I want to particularly focus on the role of infrastructure on over all economic development. Honestly, that is one area where the Government of Ethiopia is doing very well. Despite similar forms of funding mechanisms, not many African coutnries succesfully implement such projects. I strongly belive that this will contribute a lot to econmic development. Progress in key sectors like health and education are exemplary and with a tremendous potential for sustanibale development. My only plea, if the government can move more towards national interest and priorities in spending these funds rather than short lived government only or political interest. The current progress can be boosted by good coordination and creating an enabling environment for the many partners involved in development initiatives. I am in favor of what the WB is doing with some additions of checkes and balances for propoer utilization of resurces and transparency so that tax payers are aware of what is going on. I am sure we will all be paying back one way or another. Thanks, M