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Submitted by YeMizan on
• Thanks Susan Epstein for exposing BareKnuckle Elections • Last post 05-17-2010 7:06 PM by Britopia. 0 replies. • The Modus-vivendi of the Front ruling Ethiopia since May 1991 has morphed to an extraordinary degree that the most recognisable feature is that it is `still a Front` after power. In no way can it be described as a political party in shape or form,as Its initial genesis testified to that.However,that proper descriptive term is & will be its hinderance to itself,but worringly,for that country.These days the ruling-front tries to don a `magic overcoat` called revolutionary-democracy,a cobbled up,topdown garment of an acrobatic political philosophy manufactured to be its guiding principles to supposedly usher in a bright&prosperous future to Ethiopia.Firstly though,it was used to purge&stem widespread dissent in the identity crisis that developed within the nuclei of this ethnically based Front a few years ago. Now,if this magic-overcoat is just an accesory,a means to be incumbent in power,forever;it would be a hopeless mass deception,misconstrued as a hope-giving spectacle. Where Ethiopia needs level headed statesmen,we have learn as you go accidental heroes & yes-men of the highest order masticated by tales of centuries old false victimhood empowered by this so called rev-dem zeal.On the other though,and more dangerously,if this ruling Front `believes` in this `magic-overcoat as its raisond`etre,then clearly we are seeing the symptoms of delusions of grandeur at hand and no doubt soon we will be getting a short-thrifted, "little red/green books"called development through rev-dem,onwards,forwards,...etc.,extalling the wonders,virtues,thoughts for the modus-operandi of a developmental ruling Front! Dear,oh dear,Why this ersatz of marxism-leninism,when world history has binned the original?Hey,but what is a Front to do?DNA is heavy stuff.The Fronts building-blocks are such,that it has to create a `magic overcoat` by any means necessary,albeit obsolete,to hold on to its old beliefs.This should be one of many,but the most unacceptable choice for the future of that country.There is no doubt Ethiopia has managed to produce some young,capable&vigorous political parties to steer it through an arduous future than relying on a retro`70`s outfit(sorry Front) that has long passed its sell-by-date but has frog-marched a proud & patient people to wear an overcoat of absurdity called revolutionary-democracy through another BareKnuckle election held on by a dubious & shaky clay-pegg. YeMizan, London,UK.