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"...Local districts receive resources based on clear, data-driven formulae that can be independently verified (by third-party civil society groups)..." When one faced with such statement it is difficult to argue. There are no independent civil society groups in then country. Even those that were there were completely wiped out in the last 10 years campaign. time again independent observers (epsten being one) have balked with discrepancy between the numbers from the government and the facts in the ground. A random sampling of any section of the society comes up with a very large difference from the numbers from the statistic agency which is usually quoted by those who are defending the regime. The government has never allowed any independent investigation or allowed access to the people to any one except it's cadres. Many believe the numbers are simply fabricated. The country is essentially run by a kind of Ethnic apartheid. The entire security forces, the church, all civil and government posts are filled by people from the prime minsters ethnic groups. Any post that is filled by members of other ethnic groups is supervised by a tigrean ethnic group member. More over those who are from other ethnic groups selected not for their competency but for being corrupt and ruthlessness and their willingness to accept and serve the tigrean lords. For example in a district (woreda) in southern Ethiopia (which i will not mention for security reason) there were firing and hiring of officials about 19 times in as many years. The only constant fixture in the district administration is the Tigrean member of the district administration who has a modest official portfolio. Of course every one knows who really is in charge of the district though there has been stage managed elections year after year. Oner can clearly see this difference on the status of the tigrean and the rest of the population growing wide apart year after year. Tigreans do not associate with other ethnic groups and usually their businesses run gets heavy government security protection as well as preferential treatment getting government contracts. But most of what is troubling is the level of development work being carried out in tigrai state is disproportional higher than the rest of the country. Basically most of the resources the country is used to finance the projects in state of tigrai (paid fully by government of Ethiopia like the Tekeze Dam) while the projects run in other states are mostly financed by loan from china or other countries. Most people people in Ethiopia suspect that this projects outside of Tigrai are in fact a front to siphon money meant for this projects. All this puts the future of the country in a precarious situation. Again most Ethiopians believe the Tigrean lords of Ethiopia today are planning for their exit to their state which will have superior economy and military might when the time come where they can not rule any more. And the rest of the country will descend in to chaos like somalia. And this belief by the rest of Ethiopians did not come from thin air. The manifestos of TPLF and MLLT which is the core group of the ruling party ad headed by Meles Zenawi has envisioned such future and it is on the record. Meles Zenawi and the ruling party core members may not have even a choice. There are credible evidences that they have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity and once they leave power they will by wanted men. Their only guarantee for their freedom is by staying on power at any cost. that includes driving the country in to chaos. And the world bank and IMF and the west in general is financing such a regime not because it brings economic development or improves the lives of the people but as stated by many analysts it is because Meles Zenawi is willing to do what they asks him to do as long as they let him do what ever he wants to the nation and the people. And this is not the first time. Sadam Husein was supported by the west and Taliban and Alquida owe their existance to the west. Mobutu seseseco of congo who is responsible for DRC becoming what it is today. Chili, Elsalvador Haiti testify to this misguided and inhuman western policies and Ethiopia today and in the future will be the victim of it. Ethiopians are dying to day and their future looks bleak because the west wants to feel safe. That is the simple truth.