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Submitted by Tokecha on
Dear Shanta, Thanks for the blog. I was a little bit nervous when I read comments given above because why it became so difficult acknowledging the truth and condoning the wrong. I think most of the discussion above were written by our brother who have sitting in the bar and talk without evidence. In my opinion the country has recorded immense growth in all aspects-economic, governance as well as democracy. The data from many international organizations has proved that the Ethiopian economy become one of the fastest growing economy in sub-Saharan countries. The country investing a lot in improving the food security condition through expansion irrigation scheme, developing R&D, by opening different farmer training center and adoption new proved technology. For instance, each year more than 250,000 farmers will be trained in new technology, and the link between farmers, FIF, research centers and universities has been created to speed up the dissemination of new technology from research centers to farmers. As any Ethiopian person can whiteness now the service delivery in the county has become more transparent, efficient and effective. In each kebele/pa the people are more empowered through DLDP (DISTRICT LEVEL DECENTRALIZTION PROGRAM) program that each person to know how much budget allotted, for what purpose and the corresponding output.- (please visit any government office in keble or peasant association) so that monitoring will be so easy. To be continued