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Submitted by Dawit on
As I see it the help of WB and IMF should be strengthen, but it should be in a very tactical way that will at end make the country be independent of aid. The fact remains what ever report has been made by the government WB and IMF do their own research on the progress of the country,they don't take data from the government and advocate it as theirs. As to Democracy let us first feed our selves and then it is natural that the people inside the country[not some power mongers diaspora] will begin to challenge what ever is the system. I say let the people be educated and then we will witness when they stand for their right. As to the oppositions residing abroad you are proving to whole wide world the incapability of your self by barking here and there despite the reality. First identify what is really changing in the country then accept the reality. You then identify the limitations and advocate them, otherwise you will be of no use. That is why you have not come up with change yet, because you are denying even the simple realities. Best