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Dear Global Citizens, Friends of African Union and Greater Ethiopia without Borders! I read with interest Shanta's blog on Wax and Gold the classical Ethiopian Cultural Communication tool in the classical Geeze (Ethiopic) and its modern prodigy, the Amharic language. We say, Enqoqilesh? I have a challenge? a treasure for you to dig, or questions for you to answer? You either say, bring it on, or say Min Awkilish? What do I know you tell me! The question will be posed and if you know the answer, you have stood the ground for the day, if not, you have to give a country of your choice to get the answer. The idea is to encourage intellectual communication about current affairs both at individual and collective life as you see it. The Sem is the Wax which is the obvious, and Work, or Gold is the hidden message in answering the question. So, here is the question for Shanta, World Bank or the Neo Liberals? Question: What is the notion of poverty reduction for a country in abject poverty whereas you have stimulus package and recovery package for rich countries like the US and big international corporations which are so big to fail, who have managed to sink the global economy and they get trillions from the public funds to help them sink the global economy more. What is the role of IMF and World band in being made accountable to the global economy which they have been sinking for generations with their elusive derivates and hedge fund like, Structural Adjustments and series of conditionality's. Africans, and Asians as well as Latin Americans have been their target for over 50 years and look at their behavior to their pay masters, who have been sinking the Global Economy? The US stimulus package Vs the European punitive package? How can you reduce property, is this a new derivatives like statistical gimmick or a real quantifiable construct where you can reduce a negative. Just imagine reducing poverty a negative i.e abject poverty, why not promote prosperity by investing with stimulus package in small Micro and Macro Enterprises by investing in Ethiopia to harness its 14 rivers for hydro electric power. The Egyptian executive at the IMF has done so much damage against Ethiopian hydro power development by refusing loan, not stilumuls package Ethiopia deserves for so long? When does Shanta and his colleagues become accountable first for the damage they caused for so long and perpetuated porverty to the Global 6 Billion Poor for so long? Wax: They will never be accountable as they are busy providing reducing a the negative, i.e poverty reduction while they create prosperity for the rich incompetent corporations in the West Gold: The Hidden message: President Obama's letter at G8/G20 demands not to follow the poverty reduction and incentive busing European Budget and follow his stimulus package for the whole world. Will the Banks and IMF listen and create a stimulus package like Obama? Time will tell. No, Let us make them accountable, but how? vote them out of the World Bank and IMF, No result no jobs! Dr BMJ [email protected] from abject property and yet you stimulate with more public money criminals like