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Submitted by Eskay on
Lots to say but briefly, Most relevant to the argument and Jared/Shanta discussion; My observation after working 4 years in a major donor coffee development program at the Min Ag: Efficacy of Aid is jeopardised in the absence of effective meaningful institutional infrastructure to create a 'business' enabling environment for the private sector (including farmers) and somehow trained or 'educated' poor recipients. Of course the private sector has to continue the best way they can and do so. Take it further: if the Aid money (€15m in 'my' porgram) is ''invested'' with a business like strategy to maximise returns (in development as well as money terms for the farmers and country) it would be far more effective. For this to happen we need appropriate policies. I agree with another comment in the Min Ag that most decisions are politicised for government control rather than good open governance for sustainable development; exaggerating and choosing to publicise only the statistics that suit. BIGGER PICTURE: Suggest continue persevering with more emphasis on practical effectiveness and outreach to poor + farmers (bearing in mind excessive emphasis on accountability negates & creates bureaucracy) rather than allow greater infiltration of Chinese style ''aid'' without concern for societal and environmental matters.