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After the collapse of the Soviet Union, we know that multiparty system implemented in Africa were against the spirit of true democracy, which helped the formation of one party state in various Africa countries. We have seen what happened in May Ethiopian ‘election’, we know what will happen in Today’s Rwanda ‘election’, and in Uganda, etc. Here in Ethiopia, we know that the people deprived of their rights and many of the citizens “resigned from expressing their feelings”. Foreign aid is the major driver of Ethiopian economy. Government expenditure is crowding out the private sector. In this country, it is only possible to be successful economically if you attached yourself to Government. The EPDRF party membership increased by more than 500 % (currently there are 5 million members) and there is no difference between ruling party and government. Personally, I don’t believe the economic growth success claimed by government is true. Though there are some sectors that have experienced growth through foreign aid and massive government expenditure (which were mainly inflationary), not due to the improvement of productivity and competiveness of the private sector. Can any country sustain economy growth with such kind of ill advised policies, divided citizen, narrow elite base support? Therefore, my worry is, even though it might be possible to bring economic growth in the short run, the possibility of sustaining and stabilizing it will be too difficult, if not impossible.