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Submitted by Getch on
Pleased to comment here, Dear all I think it is a global fact that there is a fast development in this country, as to me this nation had never developed at this pace in any regime ever in it's history. This is because this leadership represents all the nation not those from one tribe or religion, You see every one have equal say and power in Ethiopia be it Amhara or Gambella, no matter what no one can deside the fate of this nation except the collective consences of all our representative! that is the reason why every one is feeling oneself I am Ethiopianit is not as previous our frinds from showa used to tellus that we are Ethiopians and they are our leaders no that is a dead politics but I understand some of you are looking for that dead era which have lead this great nation to chaos. Now no matter who say what Ethiopia is the fifthe fastest growing nation in the world, thisis a global report. For me the reason is one and one POWER thirst, the drive not to see Ethiopia advancing under Meles whom you tought is not from your tribe. but if you know Ethiopian history Meles is Tigrean where you have the kingdom of AXUM where our history starts, God willing Meles will lead this nation to economic prosperity.