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Hi, Stephanie, I took a look at the MPAT materials. Certainly, the MPAT approach--which consists of a community-level survey and then producing sector-specific indicators--avoids the pitfall of the MPI of trying to wrap everything together into one Ultimate Indicator. The design seems to be well done. It's hard for me to judge, however, how useful the MPAT would be for tracking what's happening with specific interventions. It would depend on what particular interventions were involved, and whether they matched up with the MPAT components. I can imagine, say, an NGO working on rural agriculture in a few communities; would it really make sense for the NGO to spend time collecting data on school quality? Possibly, but it would depend on the specifics. There's a tradeoff between having a general tool that works for many cases vs. tailor-making evaluation tools to specific situations. Anyway, thanks for alerting me to this tool.