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Africa indeed mismanages its income from abundant natural resources. That will not justify it discontinuation to export. On the other hand using most of the abundant resources could stimulate industrialization in Africa such that the indigenous manufacturing companies could utilize them as raw material. The argument is apt both ways. For the latter to be applicable, infrastructure and competence would have to be repositioned everywhere in Africa particularly sub-Sahara. Industries would be hungry for raw material. For Industries to thrive issue of power must be addressed too. It is a chain of things in that nature. On the other side, where the structure is not set, and raw material are not utilized effectively the only acceptable evil will be to export them. The argument of leader embezzling derived funds is quite another matter. Accountability, Integrity improvement and good governance will check that. It is rational to conclude that until Africa can utilize its raw material to produce finished goods for exports, the only export product readily available for earning foreign exchange to my mind is exporting Natural resources.