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Submitted by Udo Etukudo on
Every country and territory in the world has at its disposal resources to undertake its growth and development. So from that standpoint, I would support the opinion that Africa should continue to export its natural resources as a means to its own growth development. To me the critical question is "How well have African countries made effective use of all resources at their disposal for their development"? This question is fundamentally different from the one on "exploitation" of natural resources for capital gains, as it encapsulates many of the well known development issues of good governance, environmental sustainability, inclusiveness of growth, etc. On the issue of revenues, my view is that because almost (if not all) of what is exported from Africa are so far down the value chain in terms of value addition, these countries receive a fraction of the true potential of the export value. The reason for this, has much to do with the poor management of natural resources for economic growth and dvelopment mentioned above.