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Submitted by nuvaga on
I hate the phrase 'natural resources' for natural gives the impression that these are free gifts, 'dash' like manna from heaven. When you are dealing with what you consider a free gift, the value you attach to it is low. The natural tendency will be to get it for free!!!! All resources, human, financial etc are natural so its time we start putting these resources in their true perspective irrespective of where they are found. Should these resources be exported? Will this bring about sustainable development? Everything being equal and put together can the prices dictated by the purchaser guarantee sustainable growth for african countries? Current events have proven that buyers of these resources will prefer situations of chaos, bad governance to operate. They even encourage it with arms and shaddy deals to get the resources for almost free. Look at the situation in the congo, Chad, Sudan Darfour, Liberia, etc Who is fooling who here? The only area where Africa has a comparative advantage over the others is with her resources especially the extractive minerals. The question should be 'How best can we reap from these resources? Bauxite ends up being the body of the plane after transformation. Compare the value of these plane parts with bauxite, aluminiun etc. Why the huge gab? Because of OPEC, oil producers have succeeded in reaping something reasonable from crude oil. What African countries need to do is to get togethernaround the other minerals and products of flora and fauna, ecotourism eg diamond producers should get together and play on the simple economic theory of demand and supply. This to me is the only way forward !! My one franc contribution