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Submitted by Ibrahim Adam on
Sudan is one of only a handful of countries in SSA that has made the jump to middle-income status (surely the purpose of the whole thrust of Western aid to SSA?); and that's not purely down to Sudan's oil endowments either; note that other SSA countries have oil but remain stuck firmly in the low-income status. Sudan has even managed to do that with one (two?) hands tied behind its back: 1) No IDA credits since 93 2) No IMF loans since '85 3) No foreign debt relief from either the WBG, the IMF, the Paris Club or London Club. 4) No grants or even soft loans to the central govt from Western creditor nations since '89; and 5) A thicket of sanctions that blocks trade and investment with 1/4 of the global economy: the USA (which has been mimicked by most Western members of the G20). Amazing. Yet, Sudan's lessons to the rest of Africa on kick-starting private sector-lead sustainable economic growth are routinely ignored by an embarrassed (?) international development community(yes, we have income inequality and a geographically uneven distribution of wealth - but which country in SSA hasn't??? And I bet Sudan's Gini coefficient is around the mean in SSA). In other words, it's amazing that Sudan has not been included in Mr. Radelet's '17 (GDP growth in Sudan has surpassed all of those in teh chosen 17 for at least 15 years). Why is that?? An amazing oversight - and it certainly hasn't been lost on the rest of Africa who come in their droves to see how Sudan has managed to do it. Guess Mr. Radelet has fallen prey to the caricature of Sudan that exists in the US and other Western media and the analyst community. But, then again, that' would be quite like Shanta himself. Why do I say that?? Check out Shanta's amazingly brazen NYT letter to the editor in May 2010; here it is: Shanta had the audacity (stress) to pile in against a NYT article lauding Sudan's stellar economic performance - even though the WBG hasn't provided ONE BEAN in official lending to Sudan for SEVENTEEN YEARS!!! Shanta, a question don't you think that's had an effect on poverty reduction in Sudan??? Shame on you, Shanta, for not considering that the WBG has NO MORAL AUTHORITY to comment publicly on Sudan's economic performance when the WBG has cut Sudan adrift from official lending for nearly 20 years. That's bad judgment, Shanta, in extremis. Ibrahim Adam - just another ordinary Sudanese Live-and-direct from Sudan