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@Shanta: What I described in the blog post is just my preliminary reflections on the child mortality question for Kenya. I completely agree that we can't rule out the growth story based just on the fact that child malnutrition hasn't declined. In the full paper, we're planning to use census data to look at how changes in mortality rates at the local level correlate with changes in a wealth index. @Ibrahim Adam: Thanks for your comment. Let me just offer a few clarifications. First, the book by Steven Radelet is not a World Bank book, and Mr. Radelet does not work at the World Bank. He is at the Center for Global Development, a private think tank not associated with the World Bank. Second, if you click on the link in my post and read the brief about the book, you'll see that the reason Radelet does not place Sudan among his 17 "emerging countries" is because he argues that oil exporting nations have different dynamics, so he places ALL the oil exporting nations in a separate category. Third, I would note that the World Bank has an ongoing program of engagement in Sudan. You can read about this at the Bank's Sudan website: Some highlights on that page include a major study--the recent Sudan Country Economic Memorandum--and the recent visit to Sudan by Obiageli Ezekwesili, the World Bank’s Africa Region Vice President.