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Submitted by Rohit on
I hail from the UEMOA region in Africa (the francophone Economic Union in West Africa). Recently all countries in the UEMOA have taken steps to limit the axle load the trucks are carrying, which apparently is a prerequisite for finding joint funding for this Infrastructure project. As a result the transport rates have jumped up by 25%. The landlocked countries in the region are facing the worst by way of rising commodity prices. Price increases are especially felt in the cost of low cost commodities like cement where transport cost is nearly 40% of the landed cost and other essentials like foodgrains. This feels like a criminal waste in these countries where they have so little to go by, not to mention the additional fuel wasted for every ton transported. I wonder how this is a positive development and actually does contribute to attainment of the MDGs. Whoever makes these policies and imposes these restrictions needs to understand that roads have to be built stronger to support greater axle loads instead of the other way round. This is the need of the hour especially for the landlocked countries.