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My comments on the article and its content : First : Why was civil society absent from this event ? Second : What matters isn’t to get answers, but to get the appropriate ones. This result is far from being proven here. Third, about privatization : < The implicit message was: the sooner they sold the phone companies the better.> This “message” is WRONG ! The Ghana’s and Guinea’s PTOs privatizations (i.a.) as soon as 1997 were national catastrophes and a drain on their finances. Fourth : He didn’t precise the quality of these roads. Nor did he mention the respect of a minimum set of state of the art requirements such as usual specifications. In fact, Chinese achievements in the African road sector are questionable in many cases. Fifth : There is mainly a total absence of any governmental long term planning of a nationwide infrastructure deployment. This is a direct consequence of the “Structural Adjustment Plans” which led to the states’ delinquishment and were set to them by the IMF ... and the Worldbank ! Sixth : This isn’t enough to go ahead ! Infrastructure, whatever its domain, is The African Issue N°1 ; this is universally recognized. What’s more, infrastructure needs huge amounts of financing resources. That’s why CESIR proposed Cross-Network Synergy (XNS) i.a. to the Worldbank, EIB, ADB, etc, as a tool and methodology to secure both strong economies in infrastructure implementation (CAPEX), and cross-fertilization in infrastructure usage. Apparently and regretably, the Worldbank forgot this contribution of CESIR that was the on the agenda of the WB-CESIR video-meeting in last february, maybe because it was made by an NGO and, what’s more, for nothing ... One of the implicit consequences of XNS is the come-back of national medium and long term planning as well as the setting-up of a national strategic database supporting the former. Useless to say that XNS, nor even basic synergies between different kind of infrastructures, were not even mentioned during this “high profile meeting”. This was a regretable hole. However, it’s never too late to catch up. Especially when the future of Africa is concerned. That’s why CESIR is ready to illustrate the principles of XNS and to demonstrate in concrete terms the amount of economies that its application allows consequently, to all those who are interested in saving financial resources and achieve proper development This concerns especially infrastructure managers and governemental authorities, as well as technical highschools and universities in African countries. CESIR : website : mail : [email protected])