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Submitted by Desire Balazire on
Thank you Shanta. I appreciate the opportunity you often give to public to comment some shape topics related to the development of Africa. I agree with you, The President Wade and the head of GE Africa. It is right that to invest in infrastructure (roads, enery, transportation, mining...) it can booster the development of Africa. We know all that the private sector has an important role for creating income. It is also right that private investors want some guaranties of return on their investments. In Africa we have several challenges to take over i.e. (i) good governance, (ii) planification on the long term, (iii) democraty, (iv) equitable distribution of national revenue, (v) education, (vi) reform of laws and administration... It is a big dream to think that the objectives of MDGs can be reached without solving those challenges in Africa. All countries are not on the same levels of development. I think the targets have to be redefined according to the specific reality of each continent.