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Submitted by xiconhoca on
Well has a mozambican, and being someone who has followed events on the ground I can say, that I could see this coming milles away!!! I think the report disregarded the political factors, and focused only on the economic factors. But the political situation has to be tacken into acount, Mozambique has had the same party in goverment for over 35 years... its safe to say that FRELIMO has grown too acomudated with power, and they treat the hole country like it is theres, and they issue policies that only protect there interrests not necessarely those of the country has whole, they flount there imense wealth daily in the streets of the capital, and the extent of there corruption and whealth is wildly know to the general public. I agree with this report, I think it somes up pretty nicelly what has been happening in economic terms during the last 10 years in the country... wich is absolutly nothing