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Submitted by Jeanine Cooper on
Two thins come to mind when I read the lead in to this interview: 1)Impact matters. Processes and programmes abound everywhere in Africa and everybody wants to help Africa achieve the MDGs or help allay the consequences of climate change but simple questions like those asked in this survey seldom form part of the planning. Why are we doing this project or putting in place this school? Why here? Why now? Why? Why? Why? Let's move beyond the what and how, please. 2) Whose impact should take precedence? After 2 years working on an MDG village, one senior advisor to the project boasted about its success by outlining how much they (the project staff and the MDG centre) had learned. And whatever happened to the villagers whose lives were to be transformed? Well, they got bednets; and the rates of malaria in that village stubbornly remain high. So impact for whom? The jet-setting global ambassadors earnestly selling their projects or the villagers faithfuly offering themselves up to help others learn? Development planning needs...well, it needs to develop!