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Submitted by KK Lee on
I do believe in order for education initiatives to achieve desired result, i.e. tangible outcome in term of student's performance, what we need is more than a good education system, the channel of delivery, the quality of the teachers, the environment surrounding the society,/family, the support, involvement and motivation from the parent/family of these children are equally important. Therefore, it is fair that we need more sometime to see the success in term of society's transformation before we can see higher percentage of successful learning. Try to remember in certain society, parent still believe certain group of children need not go to school? Therefore, I agreed that we should applause the success of the most important step : Getting the Children into the School. as long as parent and society acknowledge the important of sending the children to school and not doing something else, the battle is half won, while we continue to improve the impact and result Cheers. kk