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Submitted by Jean-Claude M on
Obviously, this disaster has been ignored. This is not new when Africa is concerned but this is no excuse not to try to do something. Thanks for informing us. What needs to be done is making sure that there are media coverage. CNN as well as BBC, Al Jazira, France 24, etc., should be pressured to help make this disaster known. The African diaspora should mobilize wherever they are to come to the rescue of the affected people. Through our staff Union, together with other UN colleagues, we are planning a fund raising in the Palais des Nations, Geneva, as we did for Pakistan, Haiti, etc. For the future, with World Bank and AfDB help, costly investments in canals, levies and other similar infrastructure need to be made to prevent this disaster happening again, or at least to mitigate its effects. Building standards should be improved (and enforced) to take this risk into account. More people should be encouraged to settle away from Cotonou, maybe in the new capital city if it is not also flooded. If it is, new cities on higher grounds in the country should be planned and developed.