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Submitted by Abbey on
Its really a sad story that I'v just read, we'v seen hurricanes devastation spread across the globe from the US to Asia but we all seem to have forgotten the fact that the Earth is composed of two thirds of water and denying its continuous path will only lead to over flooding of the banks. Back to the subject of the Republic of Benin's flood terrains; we should act fast by first finding means of evaluating people stranded in such areas, secondly attending to cholera prone areas thus, stopping the spread of the endemic disease, thirdly reconstruction of affected areas both in terms of housing and drainage which can only ensure that water either Rain or over flooded can be channeled in the right directions and finally human factor will respect to our individual attitude towards our environment should be cautioned. This is needless to say that our African Leaders should not be made responsible in this respect by not playing our typical black attitude politics with our society and minds. To finally conclude, my prayers are that this situation is quickly resolved any which way it is best possible for the people of the Republic of Benin and respite be re-stalled by into the region.