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Submitted by kiburu murigi on
The above text is a masterpiece on the extent of the reality of corruption in Kenya. I have personally being so disturbed like so many other Kenyans I believe on whether this vice will continue for ever in Kenya. We have seen the likes of KACC formed but as we have all witnessed, the vice continues undeterred. The big scandals like Goldenberg are still in the peoples mind and to me ,the government or these commissions should FIRST of all tackle the small forms of corruption eg kitu kidogo to police.chief, public officers etc. These covers a wide spectrum of the populace and when the AG says there ' no evidence to prosecute' in the likes of Anglo leasing cases, ample evidence is available in the everyday small bribes. CCTV cameras can be used in these and consistently so. One wonders why corrupt traffic policemen are ambushed 'just once' and in the full glare of a public relation media coverage, why not daily with no media. Something must be done and the bodies like TI, Mars Group etc can keep the government on its toes on this.