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Submitted by Stephan Klasen on
Dear Shanta: Greetings from Germany and all the best for the nea year. In 2003 and 2004 I worked with people from the Kiel Institute on using CGEs for policy analysis in Bolivia, as part of the cross-country work on the drivers of pro-poor growth. The papers examined the rather limited ability to affect poverty via macro policy in a highly dollarized economy. While the results were discussed intensively with the government (and UDAPE), it is unclear that they had a direct impact on development policy making, as the government was changing to the MAS under Morales at the time. Here are three working papers based on this:, see papers 101, 120, and 143. Two publications that emanated from this: Klasen, S. Macroeconomic policy and Pro Poor Growth in a dualistic economy: The Case of Bolivia. In Cornia, A. (ed.) Pro-Poor Macroeconomics: Potentials and Limitations. London: Palgrave (2006), 305-325. Klasen, S. Melanie Grosse, Jann Lay, Julius Spatz, Rainer Thiele, und Manfred Wiebelt “Analyzing pro-poor growth in Bolivia: Addressing data gaps and modeling policy choices. In: Grimm, M., S. Klasen, und A. McKay (Eds.) Determinants of Pro-Poor Growth. London: Palgrave (2007), 191-218. I believe the Lay, Thiele, Wiebelt paper was also published in the Review of Income and Wealth. Best, Stephan.