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Submitted by Imran on
It is clear that measurement is one aspect of the issue and both genders should be initiated towards programs and projects in terms of awareness and HIV/AIDS prevention. However, regardless of the strategy utilized, it is important to consider societal and cultural customs and behaviours that cannot be altercated though multilateral, bilateral or private programs and projects. It's quite easy to throw in methodologies to it and hope for the best working one to prevail, but you must acknowledge your constraints and the things that you do not have the power to change and work with it. Every initiative should be specifically regionally and locally catered in order to capture both genders and work with their everyday social relations. There is no one-size fits all initiative, especially when you are dealing with tradition and culture. This goes back to what Abdulrahman Abdu said in one of the previous posts about culture and tradition. It is important to understand these and work with it in order to fight existing patterns of violence and the HIV/AIDS pandemic. This does not mean that you must change the culture, but understand it and work with it.