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Submitted by Charles Macaulay on
When did the HIV epidemic start? Did any peace corp volunteer bring aids into the US? Apart from radios and cellphones, etc., people in the villages of Africa have live the same lifestyles from time immemorial. If so was any slave that was imported to the Americas infected with HIV or AIDS virus? Begin to think, please! Why is it such a strange coincidence that HIV/AIDS is most prevalent in the best lands of Africa namely the east and southern regions where white people occupied and would not give up. It is in these parts that this plague has done its worst devastation. Has no one in authority ever read that some ten or twelve years ago a reputable paper like the 'Philadelphia Inquirer' wrote that HIV, which causes AIDS was manufactured (something to that effect) in the Wister Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. If this is so it is a biological weapon of mass destruction. Whoever used it in Africa should be brought to book. If HIV has been endemic in Africa I think that Albert Schweitzer should have known about it. Did anybody read from local Ugandan newspapers then that contaminated blood was sent from Europe to Uganda, the pearl of Africa, which became the AIDS capital of the world. After independence, the West made sure that Africa remained poor so they strangled it with debt and unworkable programmes in the name of Aid in order to gender hopelessness and helplessness, and by also entrenching dictatorships, and lastly making Africa sick with AIDS. In the nineteen seventies I read from in a British newspaper that the father of the National Party said with one hand we shall raise the torch[ for all to see] and with the other we will life up the grate and let out the sewer rats. May the double standard and hypocrisy of the West perish and may Africa rise up from its ashes like the phoenix. SO LET IT BE, AMEN!.